Sunflower shoots

sunflower shoots on the left, pea shoots on the right

Sunflower shoots and pea shoots coming out of their isolation in the warm cabinet above the fridge. Instructions here at Chelsea Green: link

Sunflower shoots are delicious – they taste green, like other nice mild salad leaves, but overlay it with all the butteriness of the sunflower seed.

I got this untreated seed from the local Pulse USA office last year, but birdseed packs of oilseed sunflower will work too. You’ll get better results if you remove the seeds with the little holes signifying a bug has gotten there before you.


Kolrosing, and some rude puns

Kolrosing is one of those great “peasant” crafts in which you can get amazing results with a bare minimum of supplies. Basic form – seal the wood, incise a line in the wood, rub in bark dust or soot, then sand and wax to hold the colorant in.

I’ve got a nice Pinewood Forge kolrosing knife, but you can use a chip-carving knife or an X-acto. Cinnamon is technically bark dust, and super easy to find; powdered instant coffee works too, or a bit of tree bark rubbed over sandpaper. This spoon is a birch “disposable” spoon you can find in bulk on Amazon, for a test piece, but the technique works on any piece you have in mind.

Not saying the technical skill displayed here is amazing – but I am certainly tickled at my own pun.

Lampwork Leaves and Feathers

After a work trip to San Antonio afforded enough free time for a lampwork class with Sam Hibler, I’ve really been enjoying making beads again.

Glass has been a summer thing for me – as winter temps in my garage have been cold enough to thermally shock stringer into bits from the heat¬†of my hand picking it up. Summer of course has many competing activities – such as battling the thistle colonies left behind by the previous owners of my house – and I don’t think I got to beads at all, last summer. The serendipitous class time in a well-arranged, safe studio with an established library of techniques was a nice kickstart to me doing things on my own again.

(Stealing the crockpot to heat up my insulating vermiculite has also made a difference in the number of surviving beads.)


From a March 2019 Soda Lime Times tutorial on feathers: not especially GOOD work, but a heck of a lot of fun, and great practice in encased stringer and its applications.

  • Oak leaves in CIM Toto, Moccasin, and Effetre Apple Blush, with That Frit Girl “Hare and the Tortoise” unexpectedly-reducing frit
  • Acorn headpins in the same, still missing caps
  • Feathers in CIM Aloha, Poison Apple, Envy and Effetre Dark Ivory


Maynard Plaza quilt

I forget how much I like my quilts when I give them away immediately after finishing!


This is “Maynard Plaza”, a throw-size pattern by Esch House Quilts. Made as a wedding present.


The windows are a Quilt-Con pack of Kona from several years back. Background is Kona Kale. Backing is a teal wave from a local quilt shop.