Mushroom of the Day: Dryad’s Saddle

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A huge, glorious mushroom growing on a dying tree near Fort Ransom, ND.

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I love the texture of the surface.

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Note it has pores, not gills.

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Attachment point.


Lion’s Mane Mushrooms


I got a kit to grow Lion’s Mane mushrooms from Fungi Perfecti. It’s awesome because it’s a sawdust kit – you get a bag of sawdust fully colonized with mycelium, then all you do is cut slits in the plastic to induce fruiting and keep it moist. I’ve grown Portobellos twice – they must be segregated in a low-light area, and as they’re manure-based kits do seem to develop a case of gnats towards the end. The Lion’s Mane needs indirect light so can be kept in your actual living area.

Just like all kits – when the sawdust runs out of nutrients, you can use the still-living mycelium to inoculate logs in your backyard, to keep the crop going for years. (Check out the awesome Mycelium Running, which is worth reading anyway, for more details.) Lion’s Mane is reported to aid the nervous system, so Paul Stamets recommends a backyard log as a wonderful resource for families with a history of Alzheimer’s, etc.

More pictures and a taste report:

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