Frog Hat Project Notes

Rather than making a simple cap-style hat and attaching stuffed spheres for the eyes, I chose to make the eyes and body all of a piece – more Japanese-style (kero-kero.) The way the curves of the eyes turn diagonally into the body of the hat feels somewhat more elegant.

I am sure I could refine the pattern with a bit more effort – perhaps construct the mouth directly in the fabric of the hat by changing colors in the appropriate spots in the rows… as this particular one is a boy’s hat, I’m also debating adding a tongue that sticks out, with a fly on it. 


  • F hook 
  • sticky-back white felt
  • scrap blue felt
  • scrap worsted cotton yarn for mouth
  • 1 ball Bernat CottonTots in “Lime Berry” 
  • Careful – I love this yarn, but unlike the Sugar and Cream it will snap if you pull too hard. It shares the same washing instructions as the other cottons – can be machine washed, but pull it out of the dryer halfway through and reshape to dry on its own.

Make 2 individual cups for the eyes. These cups are worked in rounds, not spiraled.

  1. Chain 3 and join into a circle
  2. 2 sc in each sc, around – 6 stitches
  3. 2 sc in each sc, around – 12 stitches
  4. 1 sc, inc, repeat this pattern till end of round
  5. 2 sc, inc, repeat till end of round
  6. sc around
  7. 3 sc, inc, repeat till end of round
  8. sc around
  9. sc around

Join them together by tying the loose ends together right at the edge of the stitches. Use rows of sc’s to fill in the triangular gaps between them till the piece is roughly circular in shape. At this point it looked a bit strange, like an elf brassiere. (I finished this part while watching zombie movies at Valleycon 33, so that is not as purely random of a reference as it seems offhand…)

Spiral downward in sc’s till it is long enough, then do one row of reverse sc to finish off.

To finish, sew on felt eyes and yarn mouth. I used sticky-back white felt for the eyes, which really helped to keep them positioned properly while I stitched them on – as the adhesive won’t handle washing, so you do have to sew them as well. For a boy I used a red mouth, but for a girl you could use a pink or coral – perhaps add a bow as well.


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