I learned to crochet in 11th grade, to take up some of the interminable 1/2 hour bus ride. Pretty soon I was turning out a 12″ granny square each way, and I still have that first pilled-up acrylic Daisy afghan.

I have recently shifted from afghans to things smaller and more quickly-finished. As my friends persist in reproducing all over the place, I have found great opportunities in the field of baby hats – as they allow me to indulge my newfound fetish for representing natural objects in yarn, ideally with smiley faces. It works wonderfully, as babies are allowed to look like idiots during the first year or so. 🙂

Here’s a gallery of finished products (so future parents can more easily choose their favorites.) Most links will take you to a larger picture, but some point to subpages with additional information.

HATS from Too Cute Crochet for Babies and Toddlers

I strongly recommend this book. The author covered quite a few of the more distinctive fruits and flowers already, so I am having a hard time thinking of other easily-recognizable ones I could do on my own — raspberries yes, but I don’t think gooseberries are popular enough… cranberries for the holidays? Pinecone for winter! The cherimoya would certainly be distinctive, but I don’t think anyone would recognize it either – probably think it was some sort of dinosaur.

HATS of my own design

SOFTIES of my own design, unless noted



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