Big plans

This space is an effort to discipline myself into collecting all the random bits of useful information I come across into one coherent usable space. There is just so much information out there that without a good strategy to keep track of it all I am dooming myself to repeating it. My current foci:

  • Permaculture, including
    • edible landscaping in a small urban to ex-urban environment
    • kitchen gardening and especially small fruit production for the North
    • wild foods  (I find I don’t mind weeds in my garden as much when I realize that they are just as edible as the vegetable growing next to them. Mmm, wood sorrel!) 
    • plant medicines
    • the next step: mushrooms and food forests
    • sustainable home design
    • increasing ecological awareness within an existing home
  • Cultivating skills to increase one’s self-reliance
    • Fiber arts: crochet and sewing now, spinning and weaving next
    • Cooking (after all, it does you no good to grow your own food if you don’t know how to prepare it afterwards!)

I hope to collect links, projects and original analysis to culminate in blueprints for my own future Dakota homestead.