Handspun T-Rex Dice Bag

From FO’s

A 2011 Christmas present, finally finished.

The T-rex intarsia is a free chart by Ivy Kim, to commemorate Dinosaur Comics. The blue base yarn is my handspun aran-weight merino dyed by Yarn Chef in “Little Islands”, the most gorgeous saturated blue and the third skein I ever spun; the neon green is slightly thinner handspun superwash merino dyed by Crazy Monkey Creations.

From FO’s

I lined the bag with a fat quarter of “Really Old Cameos” by sammyk, from Spoonflower. Spoonflower is a very dangerous place, by the way. I fused the top, front, back and bottom lining to some scrap Timtex leftover from a quilting class to give the bag some structure – leaving the sides soft for some squishability. The handle is extra-wide double fold bias tape.

Rough pattern details after the fold.

I had to try this a couple times before it worked out. As this was my handspun, your stitch counts will be correspondingly different.

I cast on 23 stitches for approximately 5″ width; knit stockinette for about 13 rows or 2″, slipping the first stitch of every row, and leaving one stitch on all sides as garter stitch for a crisply defined base. I then picked up a nice number of stitches on all sides to work the sides in the round; I ended up picking up 6 stitches on each narrow side.

I worked the background color for about an inch before beginning the chart, and continued with the background color for 1.5 – 2″ above the top of the chart. Weave in loose ends, and block to desired size.

For lining, measure two pieces of lining slightly smaller than the blocked dimensions; fusing them to Timtex will help keep the bag stretched to its blocked size. One piece with longest side vertical was the top, back and bottom; the second piece with longest side horizontal was the side, front and side.

Fuse Timtex to lining.

Sew lining into box shape, right sides facing, with lid open facing you as in my second picture.

Attach zipper to outside of lining, pinning carefully to make sure the top and base line up and still zip properly.

Sew zipper to outside of lining.

Sew handle to outside of zipper.

Slip knitted bag over lining and handstitch opening to zipper tape. Leave enough room for the zipper to move freely!


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