Grain mill + staticky container = hilarity.

For Christmas my sister installed the Country Living grain mill I’d had sitting in the living room in its box since this summer!!

From Self-Reliance

With the extender bar, it really isn’t bad to use at all. The handle is wide enough that you can turn it with one or both hands, so by varying your motions you can get quite a nice workout. I find it really nice to be exercising on a machine with such tangible results, instead of my energy dissipating into useless noise or friction heat.

From Self-Reliance

And yes, a brand-new staticky plastic container meant approximately half the flour ground flew off in the opposite direction… upwards, or gluing itself onto the mill body. I now have a pack of valved respirators to use during operation. They should seriously be included in the mill combo packages.

Having the grain mill and the pressure canner out at the same time, with two looms and a drumcarder visible from the kitchen door, makes me feel like I’ve reached my goal of Pioneer Woman…


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