Brock Samson Art Yarn

Gah! No posts since April 2011? Ouch!

Well then! Also done in April 2011, spun at the Harvey get-together: Brock Samson.

From Spinning

The Palette, Before the Spin: red corriedale top, white merino top, red sari silk threads, red and gold mohair locks, stripped denim, stripped white cotton t-shirts, flax, carbonized bamboo, tussah silk cocoons, feather monarch butterflies on wire, #10 crochet cotton as a binder.

From Spinning

This section would be lovely reproduced as a holiday yarn, in and of itself. Red corriedale, wild-harvested tussah cocoons, gold mohair locks.

From Spinning
From Spinning

I believe I took 2nd place in Novelty Yarns at both the 2011 Shepherd’s Harvest Festival and North Country Fiber Fair.

From Spinning

I ended up popping the butterflies off their wire backing, spinning in the wire with 1/4″ hanging unwrapped, then reattaching the butterflies on the other side of the orifice before winding on to the bobbin. My Clemes and Clemes Modern has a pretty narrow orifice. I am seriously thinking about upgrading to the bulky flyer – I have some 1/2″ skull beads calling to me.


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