First shiitake of the new year!

On April 7th, the snow in the backyard had finally melted, after a first attempt a couple weeks back was derailed by a surprise six inches. I tiptoed through the mud to check on my shiitake logs. Brushing away the protective straw, I found this six-inch monster – on a two inch diameter, two year old log!


As big as my hand!

The top side had a peculiar translucent quality that hinted it had been frozen and thawed before – so this had definitely been growing in March. I can see why Field and Forest calls this strain Snowcap!

I trimmed off the especially squishy bits. The rest was delicious.

2 thoughts on “First shiitake of the new year!

  1. fred says:

    Was this grown on box-elder? I know you mentioned using it in an earlier post. I have an abundance of it and am wondering if i should bother to use it for shiitake.

    • It was. The only problem with the softer woods is that the production period is shorter, because they’re less dense and the fungus runs out of food faster. You should still get shiitakes. I wanted shiitakes, so I made use of the only wood I had easily available to me. I am on my third year of harvest, and definitely some shiitakes has been much better than no shiitakes for me. 🙂

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