I got to play with a drumcarder!

It seems I enjoy bright colors.

I had been collecting solid color fiber to blend into a “Pink Lemonade” color scheme almost since I began to spin. After a lovely day in Harvey at a newborn fiber festival, learning how to use fiber preparation tools (I finally figured out the combs I got for Christmas!), the very canny Shayne lent me the Ashford Wild drumcarder she’s thinking about selling. I got it adjusted well enough that I only got fiber building up on the licker-in after about ounce 14 – which is much better than my first try at the fiber festival – and had tons of fun last weekend carding up 10+ oz of yellow batts and 6+ oz of pink. I’m thinking I will mostly ply yellow with yellow and pink with pink for a stripy final project, but I might make a bit of mixed ply for accent.


Yellow: cottonwood-dyed wool from SD Natural Colored Wools; yellow Ashford bulk merino; mohair locks from Goat Goat Sheep; my own naturally dyed coopworth in “Bindweed’s Revenge”; yellow and red angelina and a highlight of Spunky Eclectic superwash merino in neon pink “Peony” to tie it together thematically with the other batts. I completely forgot some goldenrod-dyed wool that got hidden underneath the rest of the pile.

Pink: a whole bunch of that neon pink superwash merino; cochineal- and madder-dyed wool from SD Natural Colored Wools; half of a kind-of-ugly mauve merino-and-tencel unblended batt that someone gave up on in frustration; red and yellow angelina and a highlight of yellow mohair locks to remember its partner.

From Spinning
From Spinning

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