Catching up

It’s interesting being back at work – it seems I have only so much space in my brain for project-related things, and my new work is now taking up all of that room. Everything else is going verrrry sloooowly. What is going on?

  • Raspberries are plentiful enough for a good handful each night before bed. Probably time to fertilize, as the older stems are looking kind of yellow and sad.
  • All 50 Tristar strawberries have been eaten to sticks by rabbits. Next year, raised bed and netting from the beginning.
  • Each thunderstorm gives me another 1-2 king stropharia mushrooms. Time to refill their wood chips for next year, as I can almost see dirt between them. I just scored some american elm shavings from an elm Craig sent to the sawmill, but I’d almost rather save them for a winter basement tupperware.
  • Garlic is almost ready for harvest – lower leaves are drying out.
  • A new 8×16 bed in the front yard meant for ornamental edibles is slowly getting planted; I made the mistake of bringing my husband along to the garden center so now there are an extra few perennial flowers to find a place for. I’m making good progress on emptying the planting bed with southern exposure to make room for cold frames this fall.
  • Planted an 8×32 bed of fruiting shrubs at my grandmother’s on Sunday – 2 currants, 4 gooseberries, 8 raspberries, 2 honeyberries, 3 kiwi, an autumn olive and rhubarb, lovage, sorrel and wild mountain daylilies to round it out. It’s still missing a medlar (wouldn’t fit in the car) and a Bali cherry (husband stole it for our backyard and garden center had run out). It’s been soaker-hosed and sheet-mulched for easy maintenance – there is clover and lambsquarters coming through the five inches of free rotted grass clippings, but I count those a benefit.
  • After seeing the appropriate harvest method for thistles in Sam Thayer’s A Forager’s Harvest, I tasted some leaf midribs from my Canada thistles and was pleasantly surprised at the mild, sweet taste. I harvested all the stalks I could find for peeling, but chickened out at the massive pile of stickers / ran out of time during the weekend.
  • The permaculture group might be hosting a booth at a Survival Skills and Preparedness Fair at Kirkwood Mall on 11 September.
  • The stunner of July’s garden club tours were a rainbow of daylilies with volunteer feverfew floating 8 inches above the blooms.

I managed to take pictures of a new favorite vegetable – radish pods – and will enthuse about their volume and texture at my earliest opportunity. Hope the summer is treating you all well!

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