Solar Dryer Demo

It’s getting to be a good time for a solar dryer demonstration – however, I don’t actually need one myself as in a moment of financial flushness I invested in an all-seasons Excalibur. Anyone interested in working together with me to pick a design and purchase supplies for it, and take it home at the end of the demo? Just like the goal of everything permaculture, the investment would be up front – solar dryers are free to operate!

I am imagining the lovely temperatures inside my car at the end of a work day. Even if you don’t have sun in your home parking lot, how easy would it be to take your dehydrating with you to your office job? Park the car, arrange your racks on the seats, crack the windows and walk into the building – and use your breaks to get a bit of exercise walking out to the car to check the progress. Your car could smell like REAL strawberries.


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