Candy Apple Supercoils

From Spinning

1.5 oz finished weight, about 6 yards, unfortunately in 5 pieces. But still delicious!

From Spinning

I love the color progression, and the bulky curves… it does not love me however. Ply, slide, slide, slide, SNAP! Repeat x5. The poor #20 crochet cotton did not know what hit it. There’s a couple horrible spots in the last longest piece where the core got so roughed up that the coil would not push up and over it, so I just kinda plied up and down to cover the core and hoped for the best?

From Spinning

This section was rescued from a core-thread-break about 12 inches up the finished ply – it’s about perfect keychain length, if I find some nice autumny embellishments for the knotted end.

From Spinning

All of these are folded in half and “plyed” a la the Supercoil Colliers in Intertwined – it will only work if the coil is freshly spun, but it’s nice to have them stable and in useful format. And it disguises the painful parts quite well.

From Spinning

Tiny scarves? Really nice embellishment for a plain headband or coordinating scarf? I saved the other 2/3 of the braid for a standard two-ply to pair with it. A cowl with candy apple edges, a white middle and this couched over the white part would be pretty awesome.

From Stash

I really need to get off my butt and take pictures of my stash WITHOUT the obscuring plastic bags. This is Bee Mice Elf falkland in ‘Candy Apple’.


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