A glorious three-ply

From Spinning

Om nom nom!

From Spinning

220 yds of a dk-to-sock weight 3-ply in 50/50 merino/soy by River’s Edge Weaving Studio. My mother-in-law bought this for me at the Shepherd’s Harvest fiber festival in Minnesota in May; the dyer’s website keeps threatening to open an online store sometime soon, which will be lovely as I don’t want to wait till May to restock.

From Stash

I tried very hard to put in lots of singles twist to compensate for the soy. This is my thinnest and longest skein ever.

From Spinning

So thin!

From Spinning

I am so pleased with the way the colors blended!

From Spinning

It says “socks”, though, and I don’t think 22o yds is enough for a pair. I like at least 7″ cuffs. Hrmph. Don’t taint my joy, expectations! A nice scarfy triangle so I can see the yarn when I look down would be just lovely!

2 thoughts on “A glorious three-ply

  1. wow! That is so nice! Congrats on getting your yarn so thin. I’m just finally starting to get yarn thinner than bulky…practice, practice.
    Please share your f.o., whenever that happens…I’d love to see what you knit it up into.
    keep up the good work.

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