Political calls

Wow, these push polls are getting less subtle every day.

Today’s example:

“Your senator, Earl Pomeroy, did a bad thing. He voted for Pelosi’s health care bill. Would you like to chastise him?”


What, are we two-year-olds now?

I hate that I always think of good replies after they’ve hung up. “Who wrote that script? Is it the same for every state, or do they just think North Dakotans won’t understand words longer than one syllable?”

Or the classic, “Do you actually believe this or are you just being paid to say it?”

I don’t know which one would be less depressing.

Wouldn’t it be an interesting experiment if political calls were only allowed to be made from inside the affected state, by people living in the affected state, who actually believed in the thing they were calling about?

I’m sure there would be lots of unintended consequences for my people too, people who believe that exchanging $1200 per month in health care premiums for a $300 increase in taxes would be a net savings… but I betcha the frequency of calls would decrease!

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