Window Quilts

In an ongoing effort to achieve Pioneer Home Maker, I have (almost) completed a set of three Window Quilts for the north rooms.

I say Home Maker as the lowercase version of the noun has become so commonplace, people forget it takes a great deal of skill to optimize one’s living space without paying others to do it for you. It is a skill I aspire to but have not yet achieved. Total achievement in the insulation arena would involve quilted door hangings, draft dodgers (an amazing faire-goer in Ohio has shared detailed plans for these two, not yet implemented) and wall-to-wall tapestries. These last will probably not happen as I feel like I would have to weave them or something similarly absurd, and to cover that amount of square footage would take years; and unfortunately that look really only goes well with 100-year-old farmhouses or stone castles, and I have a tiny-ass 50’s suburban ranch house. I can just see the visual incongruity exploding visitors’ brains.

I say almost completed because the quilts are completed to the point of hanging on the windows, but I have not yet attached the velcro round the edges to properly seal them. They were hanging nice and flush, and I could tell the difference in heat retention the first day, but then the cats discovered they could climb them to the ceiling like jungle gyms and now the quilts need some additional help to lie flat.

From Crafts

I apologize for the horrible pictures but it’s rather hard to take pictures of curtains that show their actual colors. Sun glows through in the day; at night we have to live with ze flash.

I am proud that all of the fabric and backing for all three came from stash.  Although with the pair of blue sequined poinsettia velvet,  I have to say “what was I thinking when I bought that?” I am sure it was on deep sale and I vaguely remember liking the back side more than the front, to coordinate with some holiday sweater. It makes much better curtains than a skirt. It matches an existing blanket; and while the color does block a lot of light, that actually helps a great deal with my rotating night shifts.

From Crafts

This is my overstuffed office, including some stash overflow looking for a more permanent home. (I am happy to say that the bookshelf has since been cleaned out.) This quilting stuff is much harder than it looks at first glance – unfortunately this stash fabric was a knit, and the sheet of clear plastic I put inside to help block air movement stuck to itself like crazy as I was trying to turn it rightside out after sewing.  It’s light enough to let some light in, so I don’t feel like a total cave-d hermit at work.

I am looking forward to a bit of rearranging now that Ancient Male Family Dog of Incontinence has succumbed to congestive heart failure and been put to sleep – no more need to worry about good wooden furniture being warped by inappropriate moisture. I’d rather not have made that particular trade, but now that it’s done it was probably for the best.


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