Sparkly singles

From Spinning

These singles were so much fun to spin from a gloriously soft, sparkly merino batt from Jazzturtle.  This was one of my “motivational” batts stashed almost a year ago, back when I was trying to make sense of spindling.

I spun them in the nightly spinning circle at the NCFF (and incidentally was thrilled to find out that my normal drafting method is the preferred woolen drafting method for a double-drive wheel. No wonder long draw didn’t seem to work right! Thanks, Patsy!)  While I tried out a few different plying techniques in my novelty-yarn class on Sunday, I think I want to leave these as singles – they’re a nice medium weight themselves, and due to the woolen draw, softly spun. Also, as the singles go from sandy beach to ocean blue, this way I don’t have to worry about messing up the color transition by plying with uneven lengths.  I plan to start knitting at one beach end, join on the second skein at ocean, and end with beach again for a scarf. Or perhaps two Baktus? I’ll be skeining later tonight to check yardage.

From Spinning

2 thoughts on “Sparkly singles

    • Thanks! I am definitely appreciating the sparkle rovings. Isn’t it funny how knitters were all about sparkly novelty stuff a couple years back, and now it’s hit the spinning community?

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