Back from my Permaculture Design Course

I am now Certified in Permaculture Design. I’m still working through on what exactly that means for me (8 days in one place with likeminded people will do that to you.) That link has a class picture – I’m bottom left. I think I need a haircut.

Pictures will come slowly as I reconstruct a narrative around them. First, lodging.

We camped at the Tibbets Land Stewardship Center in Columbiaville, MI.

From PDC Aug 09
From PDC Aug 09

The swans hung out around the tents most mornings, to eliminate the need for an alarm clock.

From PDC Aug 09

The greenhouse was lovely, the solar shower was lovely in the afternoons and early evenings, and the composting toilet (5-gallon bucket + sawdust version) was drop-dead amazing. It was so nice to see one of those in action – it really, truly did not smell. You walk in the room they’ve built for it and all you can smell is the sweet wood in the sawdust bin. Infinitely nicer than any campground toilet I’ve ever seen.

Ok, what’s hanging out under my tent’s rainfly THIS morning?

From PDC Aug 09

Only two daddylonglegs today?

From PDC Aug 09


From PDC Aug 09

Oh! I pulled up the towel I had hanging on the outside of the tent to try, and I found a cicada shell. The adult must have climbed up under the rain fly to allow its wings to fill out. It was still there at noon on the last day when I had to strike the tent. I had never seen an adult cicada before.

This whole trip was full of “I’ve never seen that before”s.

An edit – the first and last nights I stayed with a previous course graduate in Flint, to make travel easier. You can tell it’s a permaculturist’s house by the candy on the pillow:

From PDC Aug 09

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