Mushroom kits, round three

These are the third fruiting attempts of the italian and golden oyster tp rolls, still enough for a meal this far into their lifespan.

From Mushrooms
From Mushrooms

The gray dove is doing something totally crazy so I will post it separately once I’ve achieved a good picture.


One thought on “Mushroom kits, round three

  1. jill says:

    Hey Becky!
    I’m browsing thru your blog this AM and am slack-jawwed to find you’ve been posting about foods I’ve been working with also for the last few years!

    Had to get dried sumac in a Minneapolis trip a couple years ago, I hadn’t looked into growing it but I kept thinking it’s realted to cedar, right? and it _should_ grow here and voila, there you are with more info!

    I have been wishing to plant a few of the german or russian varieties of sea berries (sea buckthorn) and kept postponing it. I never think I’ll get any help harvesting. I have harvested from tree rows of just generic varieties and they were ok. I generally figure that buffalo berry is similar in nutrient content since the plants are realted but I’m not sure. There’s no “nutritional analysis” that I can find for buffalo berry. It’s my favorite jelly.

    And Star Trek… I’m a major fan also. I was very happy with all the casting and the alternate timeline. I also was very hesitant about Quinto, I didn’t think he looked enough like Spock. I wanted to marry Spock when I was a girl. But I think he turned in a fine job. and at the end when Kirk came swaggering onto the bridge, he did a dead-on Shatner that had me rolling and I enjoyed it rather than grimaced, you know? all in all I’m very pleased with the new franchise.

    So, do you have amaranth too? I thought of planting it too late this year. My son is a diagnosed celiac and I probably should be but I’ve been gluten-free for too long now but I can certainly say that I am “gluten intolerant” so I am interested in getting some amaranth growing around here.

    Love parsnips, turnips and am trying to grow rutabagas this year. I don’t think people eat enough variety anymore, you know?

    Cheers – Jill

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