Virginia creeper

should be classified as a noxious weed. Or at the very least, require approval of its location before you plant it.

In the middle of your front yard, to decorate one of those ornamental light post thingies, where it can be easily mowed around and thus stay nicely in the area you’ve decreed for it? Sure, go ahead.

On a fence next to a hedge next to my annual and perennial vegetable beds? Noooooo. All it will do is get itself established in the hedge’s roots where I can’t dig it out or smother it with mulch; take over the hedge; and send out scout tendrils to invade my vegetable beds – which I must spend time carefully pulling up as they root at every node, are breakable at every node, and each shredded 2″ section between nodes is sufficient to root and start a new plant.

Please people, understand the properties of what you’re planting and site it so it plays nice with others!

If you want a vine to cover your fence, at least plant a grape so whatever comes to my side I can eat…

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