Star Trek

I finally got to see the new Star Trek movie. The second matinee meant having the entire stadium theater to myself.

Star Trek: The Original Series is very close to my heart. The first book I ever bought with My Own Money was ST:TOS #41,  The Three-Minute Universe, with Uhura on the cover. This book series was responsible for my triumph in every trivia competition in elementary and middle school, and introduced me to the inestimable Diane Duane. Her first Trek novel, The Wounded Sky, still rates as one of my best examples of characterization and gets to live upstairs in the special bookcase (along with her original Middle Kingdoms sequence, one of the earliest fantasy novels I’ve found with a plausible, compassionate and just plain well-done alternative scheme of human sexuality. See also Melissa Scott.) 

But anyways. The movie. The reimagination of the bridge was bright and clean and glowing and exactly what you’d want it to be. They actually took screen time to explain that this is an alternate timeline and thus is allowed to completely reboot the franchise, and yeah, I get it… I still kind of miss the TOS storyline though. The movie is a great movie if you don’t think of it being Star Trek. If you do, it’s kinda nice to see how they reimagined each character, but kinda sad what they’re doing to it at the same time. But hopefully this is indeed the start of something more for the concept, as I’ve always preferred TOS over any of the sequels…

Simon Pegg is awesome as usual.

Chris Pine is HOT.

I hate Zachary Quinto but I now hate him somewhat less. Maybe even up to neutral/slightly positive. He does look like he kisses very well though. Why yes, I am in a drought, why do you ask? Very canny of them to cater to both the Kirk and Spock fangirls, thus covering 98% of the population.

Winona Ryder I hate with a burning burning passion and when I saw her I wanted to slap the casting director. Just because someone was in a science fiction movie before does not automatically qualify them to be in yours, OKAY?? My god, in all of Hollywood and outside you couldn’t find an actual old woman to play an old woman?

I console myself with the first supermarket nectarines of the season that actually had a fragrance.


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