Tshirt slogan

Do you remember those old “occupation do it with            “  tshirts, from (ouch) almost 10 years ago?

The ones I remember from college were pretty awesome –

  • Physicists do it discretely
  • Dyslexic physicists do it with Hadrons
  • Particle physicists do it with Charm

and the absolute best –

  • Physicists do it with Models

I’m looking for a permaculture shirt to wear to some upcoming classes, and most of the stuff available online is pretty boring. But I did find one slogan suggestion I might just have to get made up into a shirt:

  • Permaculturalists can keep doing it forever

2 thoughts on “Tshirt slogan

  1. I remember those slogans-ouch! that long ago?
    I love your permaculture one! I am completely stupid when it comes to those things myself. Nothing to add. This is tribal btw.

    • I know, I had to count there for a while…

      How about a picture of a chicken, either in a real chicken tractor or with a cartoony shovel or plow, and “Permaculture – getting lower life forms to do the dirty work for you since 1980”?

      Or “May the Food Forest be with you”, over a picture of a nice vertically-stacked plant guild heavy on the fruits?

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