Gene Logsdon classic reissued

First published in 1977 and practically impossible to find in recent years, Gene Logsdon’s classic  Small-Scale Grain Raising: An Organic Guide to Growing, Processing and Using Nutritious Whole Grains, for Home Gardeners and Local Farmers has just been reissued in a revised and expanded second edition. Logsdon excels in translating agricultural practices which seem overwhelming in scale, like pastured husbandry, into something that is comprehensible (and attractive) to newcomers. I have only a backyard vegetable gardening background, but his All Flesh is Grass has at least shown me where to start and what to look for when beginning an effort to raise livestock on pasture – this new book promises to do the same for grains, something long felt off-limits in the backyard scale. I’ve read of someone (Rosalyn Creasy?) who made a prominent spot in her front yard for wheat sufficient for one celebratory loaf of bread a year, but that’s been it. I’m much looking forward to this book, to expand my skillset in a new and desirable direction.

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