Most efficient refrigerator ever

So, air is affected by gravity, right? And cold air sinks and hot air rises, and all that stuff? Which makes upright refrigerators and freezers seem rather poorly designed – you open the door, pull stuff out, and the cold air falls out with it, then you must spend more money recooling the new air it’s been replaced with. Have you seen the refrigerator freezer compartments that were designed as a wire-bottomed drawer that pulls entirely out of the chilled area? Worse than no front,  it’s now no bottom and sides… you can feel the cold air spill out over the floor as you open the drawer. (The fridge that came with my house is like this.)

So someone finally has solved this design problem, in a way that is sensible and do-it-yourself  – by taking an ordinary chest freezer and rigging up a thermostat to let him bring the temperature up to refrigerated range. All the air stays inside the chest during use, meaning the cost of rechilling new air is minimized. He estimates it would take only $5/year of grid power to run. (Read the article at the second link, it’s quite intriguing!)

I totally need one of these. It won’t fit into the layout of my existing kitchen, but it’s going in my Hypothetical Homestead Plan.

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