A spinning Ugh.

So this group of four mini-batts, of merino, wool, angelina and bamboo

From Stash

Was split into 4 strips by color, and 2 each were spun into this

From Spinning

and this. It’s nice and sparkly and I like the colors in blocks like this, very much.

From Spinning

Now either my gauge changed drastically between halves, or I just assumed each mini-batt weighed a 1/4 of the total amount rather than simply adding up to the total amount, but do you see the upcoming problem here? The amount of fiber on each bobbin is nowhere near the same.

I was hoping a 2-ply would combine with my natural unevenness to give me some areas of solid color and some areas of barberpole, but as I plied I got a full three color sections out of alignment and the barberpole is HIDEOUS. I am going to have to enlist some extra hands to help me wind back on to the bobbins as I unply. A good object lesson as to why I need to learn chain-plying, but ouch!
And my wheel is stuck in this until I fix it so no new projects. 😦

Edit: Unplying did NOT work. No. Uh-uh. So I finished the bobbin out so I could at least get it off the wheel. So weird… starts a sedate creamy white, then yellow, then some orange, then bam! hot pink and barberpoles everywhere and agh! The last little bit I chain-plyed to see what it would look like and it was gorgeous. So, a lesson for next time.

From Spinning

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