Mushroom Roundup

Okay, pictures from the first flush are ready. Overall I’d say incubation went really well, but I need to work more on getting the fruiting conditions right.

Italian oyster, 14-April. The Italian did fairly decently – got some good sized single pins, but the caps were pretty small in ratio to the stems. This means I must look better at their growing conditions. Open the bag wider to release more CO2? Mist with water more often to compensate?

From Mushrooms


From Mushrooms

Closeup 15 April

From Mushrooms


From Mushrooms
From Mushrooms

Grey Dove 15-April – wayyy too many pins. That means if they do mature they will be tiny. They do tend to set more pins on the first flush and fewer on the second, but I likely have the growing conditions a bit incorrect.

From Mushrooms

21-April – Yep, looks like most of those did abort, but some did decide to keep growing. Stem size is good, but cap size is miniscule – meaning I have not got the right balance between letting CO2 out and keeping moisture in.

From Mushrooms

You can tell they’re mature and won’t grow any further as what cap there is has turned convex.

From Mushrooms
From Mushrooms

Golden 15-April – The first flush never really did better than this.  This may be because they were trying to initiate during a period I had to move them to the kitchen counter to get them away from the kittens, and proximity to boiling water is NOT ideal growing conditions. The second flush, however,  is looking to have that beautiful classic oyster shape – will post that when it finishes.

From Mushrooms

One thought on “Mushroom Roundup

  1. jenn says:

    these are amazing photos! look at you… no wonder people want to take mushroom classes from you. but i have to be honest — some of the photos freak me out a little bit… they look like ALIENS! or tumors. or tumor aliens.

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