Best yarn yet

My thinnest, most even singles yet!

From Spinning

From a gorgeous Yarn Chef merino top I’d had in stash since last fall, that had gotten pretty compacted in storage. Now I understand why someone would NEED to strip and pre-draft top, and how nice my last two fresh tops actually were! Still, spinning this was enough to make me start stalking her store for updates again.

Colorway is “Little Islands”. 4 oz.

From Stash

While I was spinning the second bobbin, both kittens walked up me and sat like parrots on either shoulder. I was completely unable to move.

From Spinning

And two-plyed: Much closer to my ideal worsted weight than the others, but I haven’t yet washed and checked. I’m waiting to assemble a PVC niddy-noddy so I can have a REAL skein.

From Spinning

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