Spinning without Profanity

After an all-day spinning class in Richardton this past weekend, I think I may finally have got the hang of this spinning thing!

As evidenced by finishing this big bobbin of Corriedale without further cussing!

From Spinning

As this went so well, and the local spinning group’s monthly challenge was Superwash, I decided to pull out some of the Good Stuff: Crazy Monkey’s Monkey Fuzz superwash merino in “Sweet Clover”. I have 16 oz so even if I might have ruined this one I could try again. 😉

From Stash

Greeeeeeen singles:

From Spinning

Kate kate kate:

From Spinning

And two-plied:

From Spinning

I did overply a bit – plying is fuuun – but this stuff actually HELD TOGETHER and didn’t snap every ^%*&*& meter like stuff before the spinning workshop, so even though it’s a bit uneven yet it is still totally awesome and definitely qualifies as yarn. Woooo!


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