Mushroom kit #1 reporting for fruiting

The roll of Italian oysters is now out of the fridge and reclining on the coffee table in my well-lit living room, ready to fruit. Day 1 = 8 April.

Every species’ mycelium has a unique, characteristic fragrance, so when you open the plastic bag to let the CO2 buildup disperse, you will get a nice whiff. This one is herbal-y and anise-y and wafting through my living room – and¬†giving me a headache! I hate anise! It reminds me of nothing more than the “herbal” flavor in that weird Herbal Mint toothpaste that I gamely tried and had to give away to my sister who had recommended it in the first place. I think other people would probably enjoy it. But then, other people enjoy gardenias, and I have to leave any room that contains them as I get nauseated.

From Mushrooms

Amended to add: my husband has declared my mushrooms make me officially Cooler Than Him, so he has invested in the parts to finally make the Make magazine Laser Harp. Anything that’ll get him to use his Christmas present, Making Things Talk, is all right with me!

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