Mushroom kits, day 19

From Mushrooms

The roll of golden oysters has started reaching for the sky – I believe that means it’s finished with the paper and ready to move on to something else. The rolls have now been moved to the downstairs refrigerator for their chilling period, to stimulate fruiting.

From Mushrooms

I am obscurely proud of my refrigerator filled with toilet paper, grain spawn, whole-grain flours, 5-min Artisan bread dough and some extremely old pineapple-sage infused honey I was going to give as Christmas presents but never got around to packaging. Permie-geek cred? Way in the corner there are a few cans of pop left, its ostensible purpose.

From Mushrooms

3 thoughts on “Mushroom kits, day 19

  1. Your refrigerator sounds like my basement fridge; currently storing kim chee, homebrew, apples from last fall, and frozen beans up in the freezer compartment. I wish I had chilled mushroom mycelium in mine!

  2. arcticcartoons says:

    Impressive. Be even better if you could do it with newspapers rather than new TP rolls. Surely possible if you sterilise the paper via that same boiling method.

    I discovered your post because I’ve just started a mushroom kit, but I’m a mere amateur compared to you – kudos!

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