Juvenile glee over mushroom kits

Today I assembled the door prizes for my Garden Club talk on Edible Mushrooms, tomorrow night.

From Mushrooms

I think these are pretty damn awesome door prizes, but then again, I am seven years old.

Field and Forest Products had the insight that not many people have convenient sources of wood lying around, but they DO have convenient preprocessed wood lying around – toilet paper! It’s fairly sterile, predigested for fast mushroom growth, comes in nice small manageable units – in short, a great substrate for an indoor mushroom kit. You do have to have the right sense of humor to properly appreciate the idea – but I certainly qualify. (I hope the attendees tomorrow night agree.) They have picked out four mushroom strains that do well on this particular substrate – Nameko, Italian Oyster, Golden Oyster, and Grey Dove Oyster – and sell kits complete with the filter patch bags to keep in the necessary humidity. Hie ye to the website – these are totally worth it. I got the Mushrooms of Many Colors kit, which includes materials for five rolls each of all three oysters – and I have grain spawn left over for an outside bed, box o’ straw, or recycling into new tp rolls, whichever comes first.

To assemble, you start by soaking nice new rolls of toilet paper in boiling water – and try to avoid the fooosh of scalding bubbles that erupt as the air in the rolls escapes. Tongs recommended.

From Mushrooms

Steamy steamy!

From Mushrooms

Then you let the rolls cool until they’re comfortable to the touch of CLEAN HANDS.

From Mushrooms

Yummy delicious rye and millet!

From Mushrooms

Shaken into single mycelium-colonized grains:

From Mushrooms

All inoculated in the convenient pre-formed inner well!

From Mushrooms

Now just rubber-band them up above the filter patch, so they can continue to get air from the environment, and you’re done.  The kits include all details about light and temperature requirements to get these to fruit. Not bad at all.


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