Itchy fingers…

My Bismarck-Mandan Garden Club presentation has been moved up to 17 March, so I’ve been trying to spend all my time working on my Mushrooms and Edibles powerpoint – I’m up to my third revision, and I think it is flowing much better. The second revision was still 15 mins over time, so hopefully when I get a chance to practice this one it will have made some difference.

But it’s so hard to not have a yarn project going! My fingers want to be working on something, and my mind wants something comfortable to focus on… but of the three Projects Of Semi-Urgency that have jostled their way to the front of my list, two are original designs and need some work before I can start them; and the third is Marlaina Bird’s Thrummed Mittens, and I have to make all the thrums before I can actually begin crocheting. I can’t justify taking that much time away from the presentation. I think this is a bit of sign though that I do need to broaden my leisure activities again, so I think all this is good for me.

Well, in a week I can start something again… and then start revising my mushroom talk for the 4-H Youth Activity Day in April!


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