Featured Pattern of the Week!

Thanks to crochetpatterncentral.com for making my Rare Fruit Squares the featured pattern of the week! Hi everybody!

2 thoughts on “Featured Pattern of the Week!

  1. Hi – I came here via Ravelry because I was intrigued by the black and white bean photo! My son has just won some seed packets from Eden and we’ve just planted some black and white beans. Do you know what we do with them when they’re grown?

    • Congratulations to him! You’ll probably want to let the beans inside the pods grow to full size, so they develop the cool markings – at that time, if you shell them and boil in a good amount of water, they should cook very quickly (15-30 minutes) and keep their markings through to the dinner table. You can also let the pods dry on the plant till they’re brown, then cook the beans inside like any other dry bean you’re familiar with. As they’re fresh, they should cook faster than supermarket dry beans.

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