Lingonberry Square pattern is up

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I finally bought myself my very own copy of Uncommon Fruits for Every Garden, a book guaranteed to make your mouth water and your green thumb dream of orcharding. Lee Reich is highly appreciative of lingonberries, as they’re a cranberry cousin that can be eaten fresh (when totally ripe). A lot of the awesome fruits I will be featuring here do need some added sweetener to make them palatable (sea buckthorn, anyone?) so this is quite a useful trait.

There are two variants of lingonberries. Both will spread to form a reasonably good groundcover (although you’ll want to interplant with something else, as they won’t quite control weeds by themselves) – the taller get to perhaps 1 foot tall, while the var. minus stay creepers 4″ or below. The square is meant to represent the creeping variety spiraling over a paving stone, the tips of the branches laden with fruit.

Wikipedia Commons
Vaccinium vitis-idaea, by Jonas Bergsten

Click on the Rare Fruit link at the top of the page for all my fruit square patterns together in one gallery; scroll down for links to the original pattern.

A bowlful of Lingonberries

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