How many afghans can you really use?

One of the major reasons I’ve gravitated towards smaller knitting and crochet projects is that they will get USED – baby hats can be gifted at the rate of 5/year minimum especially now that people have seen what I can do; and it’s okay to have several bags around the house, even if their primary purpose is to hold my next knitting project. It’s hard for me to just make something cool whose sole purpose is display (*cough* mochimochiland‘s devastating Resisty the Resistor *cough*). I have too little storage space!

So how did I happen to get excited by four great crocheted afghan patterns at once? Argh! Yes, in winter in ND I use seven blankets in my north-facing bedroom (which is so cold I’m tempted to knock a hole in the wall to check if there even IS insulation), but you still have to put them somewhere when you’re not using them! And awesome ones like these I would want to treat nicely:

In addition to the rare fruit afghan I’m working on myself,

  • The Ankh-Morpork Knitter’s Guild on Ravelry is doing a Pratch-ghan-along, where you read one book per month and design a 6″ square based on it. Sir Terry is so prolific you might catch up in 3 years or so…
  • The Guild of Calamitous Intent has a VB-themed afghan square design project starting soon. I’ll be contributing a square based on Dr. Venture’s prided speedsuit, and likely will be dashing off a quick Phantom Limb containing glow-in-the-dark purple yarn. The designs other people have called are cool enough I’ll probably want to make them as well for a complete blanket.
  • The Dendarii Free Knitters have started a similar Vorkosi-gan design call, and I’ll be doing a Hidden Identities square where Miles’ Dendarii uniform jacket unzips to reveal his Barrayaran uniform.

Plus, while trolling for Naruto AMV on Youtube, I was reminded of this great graphic orange-navy-and-white quilt I had wanted to do…

Well, it’s a good problem to have, I suppose!


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