Ribes rubrum, var. “Square”

The second square in the Rare Fruit Sampler Afghan ‘s done!

I am very thankful for the currant family, as they will produce a crop in partial shade – meaning I can piece them into the understory of my back garden, dominated by a 60-year maple tree. I find the leaves very aesthetically pleasing, and the berries look like translucent jewels hanging on their strigs – so they were a great candidate for an afghan square. I eat them fresh, but then again I love sour things.  This fall I gave one to a small boy, and got the most interesting face in return; he extremely politely declined a second serving. (The pink are sweeter than the red, and additional sun exposure will help noticeably.)

Click on the Rare Fruit Afghan Pattern page at the top for the collection and link to the patterns.  I’m calling this the red currant square, although the design will work for red, white and pink currants. Black currants have a slightly different fruiting structure and so properly belong on their own square.

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