Quite possibly the best hat pattern ever

The Dwarven Battle Bonnet! (Available from author’s website or as a PDF through Ravelry.) As any reader of Pratchett knows, this hat is suitable for all genders – as the only way you can identify whether a dwarf is female is if they choose to inform you.

From Crafts

I suspect there will be some fights over who gets to wear this.

I will probably embroider some Ogham characters onto the stockinette portions of the cap but I’ve not decided which ones yet. Each color required only one skein of Cascade 220, although after adding the braids the chestnut color was extremely close to running out.  I tried lightly fulling in the sink, but apparently did not do well enough as the mouth opening is wider than before washing; I’ll probably give it another go after Show and Tell Week is past.

[Color in the first picture is most accurate.]

From Crafts

If I made this again, I would probably alter the shaping of the beard on the sides so that it laid flat on my  neck and chest, and make a ponytail opening in the back to make it more comfortable with my long hair. As it stands this would be warm enough for winter wear if I fill in the gaps with a scarf.

From Crafts

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