A Hat for Solving Mysteries

The Guild of Calamitous Intent on Ravelry is having a Minion Hat Knitalong – you can either design a hat for your (hopefully) competent Minions to wear while they scurry about performing your every whim! —  or just make a hat themed for the show. Or both.

As my minion hats are still in process (basically, while they are perfect for minions I would never wear them, so I am delaying the making of yet another thing that is not for me) I present you with:

A Hat for Solving Mysteries!

From Crafts

It comes in two versions – version B, above, is the full-on Deerstalker model suitable for all of your detecting needs. We advise inoculation against the Jungle Fever when planning long trips. (Man, I wish the Venture Brothers season 3 DVD’s were out so I could finetune my quips.) The red duplicate-stitched symbol is supposed to be the Go Team Venture! hand sign… I think the rightmost column of stitches needs to be removed to lessen its resemblance to the playboy bunny head.

Version A is a Pith Helmet ideal for your favorite Boy Adventurer. Suitable for many social situations, it keeps the sun off your face and your neck, keeping sunburn from distracting from your hunt for clues.

From Crafts

The hat is based off Debbie Stoller’s Half-Pipe Hat – basically a stocking hat with extra wide ribbing folded over, and a curved brim of plastic canvas inserted. I used two brims, back and front – and for the deerstalker just picked up stitches on each side for the earflaps.

The yarn is Black Hills Woolies 2-ply, that I picked up from the North Country Fiber Fair. I wasn’t sure I was going to like it at first but once I popped the skein open it got a lot softer.

From Crafts

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