Please pay attention in English class if you intend to run for office.

I am a picky, picky voter. It’s only made worse by choosing to search for information online, rather than having material pushed to me via newspaper or television.

It’s stupid, I know – I do review the published material from both sides – but when I see a sentence like the below in official campaign materials for a State-level position:

This experience gave me a through knowledge of knowing and communication with the community and the state.

it is enough to make me seriously consider the competition, even across party lines. I don’t care if this is just one line in your bio on your website  – the voters likely to use the website as their primary source for platform information are exactly the ones most likely to be pissed off by bad grammar and spelling errors. Don’t resort to Engfish. Say something that you’re excited to be saying, and it will resonate with the voters.

In all seriousness, if the way you are choosing to present yourself to voters is not well-thought out and perfect, what will you do if you DON’T have advance notice and planning time?

grumble grumble.

I miss my grandmother. We had the best political debates… she would have been THRILLED by this presidential election.


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