End of season

Well, we’ve officially had our first frosts (very late this year, perhaps to correspond with the very late spring) so gardening is over with but for the annual raking-up-of-leaves-and-dumping-them-on-the-raised-beds. It’s windy and wet out so I will put that off till Monday or Tuesday so they actually stay put. I would mow the leaves into the lawn, laughing maniacally, but the Convenient Electric Mower is a bit too wussy for that.

This means it is back to yarn time! I have too many projects going, but I did manage to finish a scarf for my sister’s birthday – just in time for cold weather. This is Holding Hands, Feeding Ducks done in Araucania Multi. This was a perfect yarn for this pattern, and vice versa, as it seems every stitch is a different color. The edges do curl in a bit, and apparently my wrist does not enjoy p3tog’s, but I do like the scarf.

From Crafts

I will also give up on my socks for the time being, and call them done. A generic short-row toe-up pattern, done in Sunshine Yarns Soft sock yarn, 100% merino wool. 

I loooove the color… 

From Crafts


  • My gauge got a lot tighter on the second one (at least it changed in the right direction, as it fits perfectly)
  • I used the “trick” of making an extra stitch on each dpn to avoid laddering at intersections, but instead I just got diagonally-spiraling ladders
  • I was afraid of running out of yarn (and a bit impatient, gah, ribbing, ick) so the leg of the first sock is way too short, and I can’t quite figure out how to unpick the bindoff to add some more length – even though I have plenty.

BUT ALSO: They’re greeeeeeen, and they’re sofffft, and I’ve decided I totally love merino wool socks, and I really need to get over my “my floors are dirty I do not want to sully them!” and actually wear them. Bizarrely enough the extra width on the first sock stretches enough that both end at the same spot on my calf, so unless you’re looking closely they should be ok.

From Crafts

The color is closest to the first picture.

From Crafts

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