Yin-Yang Beans

Yin Yang beans

This year’s Strange dried bean – the Yin-Yang bean, so named as each black area has a white spot and each white area usually has one or more black spots. Some were quite awesomely decorated. The color usually developed quite nicely by the time the pod turned yellow, before it started to dry – so these would make pretty shelling beans. Reportedly, if you cook them in enough water the coloration will survive to the dinner table. I have not tested this yet, as I am still enjoying looking at them in their little bowl as I pass by…

3 thoughts on “Yin-Yang Beans

    • Thanks for the comment! I enjoyed your post.
      I only got about a meal’s worth from the 6-7 row feet I planted, as I am a “plant tiny bits of everything cool” type of gardener, but I’m pleased with them… as I have not yet converted the husband to the joys of beans yet, I’m saving them for a special meal where they’ll be appreciated!

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