New garden flowers – Skirret, Calendula, etc

A single Skirret (Sium sisarum) composite flowerhead. I’ve seen bees visit, but mostly the smaller predatory insects that need a small boost of nectar to keep them going in their hunt for the pests. This is why we call skirret a great insectary plant – it helps out many different kinds of insects.

This is one skirret plant. Note to Self – skirret in part shade should be staked.

I am conflicted about these. They come up as weeds every year by themselves. I think I’ve heard them called harebells. The flowers are great, the bees LOVE them, but they spread by rhizome AND seed and will easily take over a garden bed in a season if I don’t dig them out. Excavating the edges of my strawberry bed I was finding rhizomes over an inch in diameter…

Calendula var. Alpha, the great medicinal variety specific to skin complaints. Visited by bees and smaller friends.

Calendula var. Triangle Flashback, an ornamental.

And a phalaenopsis Orchid, come outside to enjoy the humidity.

2 thoughts on “New garden flowers – Skirret, Calendula, etc

    • The tops did really really well, but the roots – not so great. I harvested maybe 4 fat storage roots and replanted the rest in a sunnier location for this year (and I do have 4 plants now instead of 3). They did survive the winter, so that is a good sign. This year I might also deadhead them so they spend their energy on root growth instead of seeds.

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