Red Currants, for Lammas

A bit blurry, as my dogs kept coming over and saying “Hi, why are you on the ground? Let me lick your ankles!” which rather tickled.

Currants keep well on the bush, so I will be harvesting these Sunday for my Lammas dinner.  In search of new family traditions that actually MEAN something, I’ve decided to try to celebrate the old Seasonal holidays. They seem a wonderful way to get back in touch with the seasonal cycles that our increasingly-urban lifestyle has isolated us from. Lammas is the first of the Harvest holidays, so a celebration would feature foods that ripen around now in your area. Of course the centerpiece of a Lammas meal should be bread you’ve baked yourself, ideally from locally-grown flour or even a patch of wheat from your garden – I’m lucky in ND that we even have a State Mill selling flour in the grocery store, so locally-grown shouldn’t be too hard to arrange. 🙂 Definitely, anything else from your garden would be a great addition – fruits, the first of the summer tomatoes… Also dairy, chicken and game, things that would be plentiful around now. You’d want to avoid serving domestic meats like beef and pork, as in a traditional agricultural situation they would be hard at work rearing their babies now, and much too precious to sacrifice. See Raven Kaldera’s article for a good discussion of foods to feature, and fast from, on a seasonal holiday calendar.

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