Two in Avocado

My first-ever finished knit project! (Not first-ever started, as that unfortunately got left at my parent’s house for a week and lost its place in line, but first-ever finished…) It’s a quick 1-skein neckwarmer in Yarn Bee Dreamy Chenille, based on this pattern. I know the body of the knitting isn’t supposed to pooch out over the cast-on an inch on each side, so the scarf is a little too wide and must be folded a bit to wear, but it’s still comfy and warm and interesting to make (in fisherman’s rib) so I am still very happy with it. 🙂

And because I had the half-skein sitting on my desk, and because the pattern wandered up and said hi, and because I’m currently on the most icky part of my 2-week night shift rotation – an eye mask in Tunisian crochet. This pattern has great explanations for some basic Tunisian crochet stitches, so it made a great introduction. I might have to get me some more of that.

The photo background is my charting for an upcoming crochet project for a friend.

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