Some finished objects

One of a pair of elephants.

A baby Totoro, from the best children’s movie of all time.

My first completed tri-loom project – made entirely of triangles from my learner 12″ triloom, in Yarn Bee Mosaic Twist and some scrap Lion Homespun.

Not quite completed… I needed SOME way of using up some Yarn Bee Pitter Patter that was driving me crazy by failing in two other projects I’d tried it in. I think it’s still a failure here, but less badly – the yarn just doesn’t have enough structure to stand up to the loose weave. I might weave in some pink ribbon through the solid areas, and am debating backing it with a flannel receiving blanket just to give it some stability.

And the top of my Lilypond hat, FINALLY – I will post more pictures as soon as I complete the embroidery.


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