Heart-Shaped Box

I was looking for something small but very special for a wedding present for my brother-in-law, and as he crochets I knew he would appreciate this.

Matched heart-shaped wedding ring holders

I had a few balls of Yarn Bee Aurora ribbon yarn stashed for quite a while intending to make fancy containers from it, so it was nice to use it for its originally intended purpose. At first I had been thinking of making each container shaped like half of a heart to nest together side by side, but with this super-bulky yarn I knew keeping the finished project recognizable yet still only ring-sized would be a challenge. Then I happened across this super-easy crocheted heart pattern and knew I had found what I wanted. I really like the stiffness of the yarn as made with a J hook, unlike this prior disastrous attempt at a self-supporting container.

To make the lid, follow the pattern as described, but instead of cutting the yarn after row 5, ch 1, sc in the back loops only all the way around, and join with sl st to finish.

For the base, I made the heart through the middle of row 5 – but instead of finishing with sc around the bottom of the heart, I used sl st to reduce the size somewhat. To make the sides, ch 1, sc around working in front loops only, join with sl st, ch 1, sc around again working in both loops this time, join with sl st and finish off.

Weave in ends. I had to massage the bases a little bit to get them to nest inside the lids, and the inside shape is not quite perfect – but the outsides will look incredible on display (which is 3/4 of their purpose anyway.) 🙂


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