Good permacultural examples from my travels, part 1

Otherwise titled “Things America can learn from other countries”: 

Brasil: Coming from Guarulhoes Airport into Sao Paulo proper, we passed cows on the side of the road. Not acres and acres of concentrated cows as are often found in the States, just 2 or 3 browsing on the vegetation in the ditches – family size. It supports the idea that much can be done for personal food security, even if you have very little resources (I think these belonged to the nearby favela.) I’m not saying everyone needs to go so far as a pet cow, but there are lots of small livestock well-suited to backyard life — a flock of hens can be remarkably quiet. I’m not quite sure how I feel about the next link, but I’ve even seen designer plastic chicken and rabbit coops for suburban homeowners who need things to look pretty before they can be considered…

Spain: Coming from the Barcelona Airport into town via train, I passed many many small farms nestled along the tracks – each with a tiny house surrounded by a home orchard of orange, lemon and olive trees. It was so refreshing to see fields with actual visible edges, opposed to the huge cornfields that take you minutes to drive past at home – and each farmstead was nicely diversified, growing many different kinds of small vegetables and nursery stock. There were even actual people working there!


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