Alternative Fiber #1

In my quest for alternative fibers and eco-conscious options, I somehow happened upon this site – giving instructions on how to turn plastic grocery bags into “yarn”. Yes, of course, it could be used to make a more durable set of grocery bags for everyday use – but I already finished a set of cotton string bags, so that need is not very urgent. However, I recently finished re-reading American Gods, and it suggested a much better use. 

I believe I now have my next con costume: Plastic. As the plastic-yarn (“plarn”) is bulky gauge, it would work up quickly into a 50’s style party dress, to evoke the good old days when the promise of technology glittered so brightly… There’s so many directions I could go with this – I haven’t decided yet whether Plastic will be Original: bright and shining and new, or Modern-Day: shading gradually down from shiny new monochrome at the top to mismatched, tattered, dirty and wind-blown at the bottom, perhaps with oil splatters. Of course this calls for a cheap neon wig. And the shoes – shiny black patent-leather? Or shiny black patent-leather carefully stomped in a puddle of dull, red paint? 😉


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