New rules

Sometimes phrases coalesce out of nowhere and become an integral part of your life. My most oft-quoted rule this fall was “Everything is better with zombies.”  As evidence, please see these Sock Zombies (from Plush You, an intriguing Christmas gift) and Zombie Fluxx – the best gateway card game ever, now with more zombies!

After aforementioned Christmas gift, I think a corollary has evolved – “Everything is better with a face on it.” As evidence see Heidi Kenney and most of the images on my crafts page.

The biggest problem with soft crafting is finding people to absorb your plushie output. I thought I had hit on the perfect solution with the baby hats, as babies are allowed to look like idiots for the first year of their lives — but there’s only so far you can go within that single form. With my space limitations, I feel that inspired projects deserve more than consignment to a tupperware in my closet.

However! In April I shall be an Aunt! That kid is gonna have some weiiiird toys…


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