Kiwi (Actinidia kolomikta)

I’ve planted a male kolomikta kiwi out at my dad’s house (he made the mistake of allowing me to plant whatever I wanted in his yard, as long as I bought it…) and the females will be coming in the spring. This particular picture is from a home on the ND State Horticulture Society’s garden tour in Jamestown, Aug ’07.  It was taken on the inside of a wire arbor arced over a pathway – you can see the fruits hanging down inside the wire, for easy harvest. The fruit was incredibly crisp and sour eaten straight from the vine, but after sitting for a few days at room temperature it softened nicely and had a wonderful flavor. The most popular male cultivar of this plant , “September Sun” (and some newer female introductions) after about 3 years will develop variegated foliage streaked with pink and white – making this plant a standout in the edible landscape. One of my longstanding favorites.

One Green World and Raintree have some very nice variety descriptions, and I will probably be getting my females from one of these.


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